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Pattern Corrections
If you have purchased any of these patterns or have taken a class with me for that design and would prefer
a corrected copy, please email your request to:
you must have your date of purchase, date of class or a copy of the pattern on hand for verification
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  Please see the note at the bottom of this page 

"Faithful" Christmas Ornament - Correction posted 9/17/2013

  Supply List:  192 4mm MC Swarovski Bicone Crystals (not 96)  

"Reticella" Christmas Ornament - Corrections posted 11/22/10

  Step 6-D should read:  PT:  The FIRST TEN beads strung in STEP 6-A (AC SB, Seven MC SBS, AC SB and Pearl #26)  
  Step 7-D should read:  PT:  The FIRST EIGHT beads strung in STEP 7-A  (AC SB, Five MC SBS, AC SB and Pearl #31)  
  Step 8-C (Fourth Repeat) should read:  String STEP 8-A SBS:  PT Pearl #31  

"Jubilee" Christmas Ornament - Corrections posted 10/1/2006

  Step 6-d should read:  Row 5  Not  Row 4  
  Step 11-e should read:  11-A through 11-D  Not  10-A through 10-D  
  Step 12-e should read:  12-A through 12-D  Not  10-A through 10-D  

"Constantine" Easter Egg - Corrections posted 2/18/2007

(Corrections DO NOT apply to kit instructions)

  The THIRD LINE of Step 7-B should read:  "keeping the working thread UNDER the FIVE AC SBS just strung"  

"Carousel" Easter Egg  - Corrections posted 4/14/07

  Steps 4 & 12 (missing completely from the instructions should read:  "Take a break and enjoy your favorite beverage  
         and perhaps a decadent piece of chocolate!"   J  
  The FINAL Paragraph should read:  Repeat Steps 14-C and 14-D to complete.  Thread the Tail Thread.  Turn the egg  
         over so the tail thread is on the top.  PT the FIRST Size 11 MC (Not AC) SB strung in STEP 2-A.  
         (The remaining Text (Repeat Steps 13 & 14 to embellish........) Is Correct.  

"Serendipity" Heart Pendant - Corrections posted 4/14/07

  Supply List should read:  4 (not 8) Color 1 Crystals;  4 (Not 8) Color 2 Crystals; 5 (Not 10) Color 3 Crystals; and  
         46 (Not 88) Seed Beads  
  Paragraph above Step 1 (on Page One) should begin:  (Posted 5/4/07)  
         Thread Entire Length of (Not 4 Feet) Spiderwire  

"Starflake" Christmas Ornament - Posted 7/16/07

  This correction affects the 7/1/07 CLASS ONLY   (Posted 7/16/07)  
         Page 17:  Step 10-B:  (Change For Larger Ornament) should read:  PBT Not PT  
  This correction affects the 7/9/07 and 7/19/07 CLASSES ONLY   (Posted 7/20/07)  
         Page 3:  Step 4-B:  First line should read:  Skipping the next three SBS strung in STEP 3-A (Not 2-A)  
                                      Third line should read:  PT:  The NEXT AC1 SB strung in STEP 3-A (Not 2-A)  

"Celebration" Christmas Ornament  -  Corrections posted 10/8/08

(Corrections apply ONLY TO CLASSES held BEFORE 10/8/08)


"Corona" Bracelet  -  Corrections posted 11/3/08

(Corrections apply ONLY TO CLASS held on 11/1/08)

  Step 2-F on Page 3  (THIRD STEP 2-A REPEAT) should read:  #37, #38 (not #28), #39  
  Step 17-D on Page 17  should read:  SKIP: STEP 17-E (There is NO 17-F)  

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