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Gallery 1 - Bracelets
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"Ever After" Bracelet
Variation - My Favorite "Jeans" Bracelet
      "Ever After"   "Ever After"      
      Bracelet Kits:   Bracelet Pattern:      
      Kits   Ever After Bracelet      
"Arabesque" Bracelet
  Pearl and Crystal Bracelet & Button for My Lovely Sister Jackie on "Her" Special Day  
  Swarovski Button - Vintage Fabric Inspired  
  Utilizing an "Arabesque" Button - Dark Sapphire & White Opal  

Red Jasper Stone Beads and Swarovski Crystals



      "Arabesque"   "Arabesque"      
      Bracelet Kits:   Bracelet Pattern:      
      Kits   Arabesque Bracelet      
"Deco" Bracelet
  Fiber Optic Cubes with Freshwater Pearls & a Vintage Brass Button  
  Yellow Jade Cube Beads with Swarovski Cube & Bicone Crystals; a Handmade Toggle Clasp  
  Autumn Harvest Inspired  
      "Deco" Bracelet Pattern:      
      Deco Bracelet      
"Romance" Bracelet and "Romance" Round Button
Crystal and Crystal Cal AB2X
      "Romance"   "Romance"      
      Bracelet Pattern:   Button Pattern:      
      Romance Bracelet   Romance Button      
  "Laurel" Bracelet   "Round The Block" Bracelet   "Crystal Blossom" Bracelet  
  Variation Using Stone Beads   One For Every Occasion   Variation Using  
  and Additional Seed Beads       Five Colors  
  "Laurel Crystal"   "Round The Block"   "Crystal Blossom"  
  Bracelet Pattern:   Bracelet Pattern:   Bracelet Pattern:  
  Laurel Crystal Bracelet   Round The Block Bracelet   Crystal Blossom Bracelet  
"Round The Block" Bracelet
Variation Utilizing Red Jasper Stone Beads and Extra Rows of Seed Beads
  Variation Utilizing 6mm Swarovski Cube Crystals and Two Sizes of Sterling Silver Rounds  
      "Round The Block"      
      Bracelet Pattern:      
      Round The Block Bracelet      
  "Harlequin" Bracelet   "Laurel Crystal" Bracelet   "Deco" Bracelet  
  Utilizing Swarovski Crystal Cubes   Variation Utilizing   Utilizing Hematite Cube Beads &  
  &  Jet Bicone Crystals   3mm Swarovski Crystals   Alexandrite Swarovski Crystals  
  "Harlequin"   "Laurel Crystal"   "Deco"  
  Bracelet Pattern:   Bracelet Pattern:   Bracelet Pattern:  
  Harlequin Bracelet   Laurel Crystal Bracelet   Deco Bracelet  
"Romance" Bracelet
  Jet & White Alabaster   Black Diamond AB2X  
  Swarovski Crystals   & Tanzanite Swarovski Crystals  
      Bracelet Pattern:      
      Romance Bracelet      
"Serendipity" Bracelet - Three Color
Utilizing Swarovski Crystals & Swarovski Pearls
  A Gift For a Special Friend  
      Bracelet Pattern:      
      Serendipity Bracelet      
"Serendipity" Bracelet - Loving Hearts

Designed for my husband Greg whose immense courage, faith, humor and strength,

while battling Multiple Myeloma, sustained, amazed and inspired me and everyone who was fortunate enough to know and love him.....

      Bracelet Pattern:      
      Serendipity Bracelet      

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