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Tips & Hints, Free Patterns, Pattern Corrections and Articles of Interest
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  To Ease The Threading of Nymo, Fireline, Or Monofiliment, Flatten The End With A Chain Nose Pliers Being Careful  
         Not To Pull Or Stretch the Threading Material.   
  Before Threading, Pull Fireline Through Paper Towels Several Times To Remove The Coating  This Will Not Only  
         Lighten The Thread Color, It Will Keep Fingers Clean  
  To Minimize Knots In Nymo, Thread Directly From the Spool or Bobbin Then Pull Off Needed Length and Cut  
  When Working With Glass Christmas Ornaments, Always Work Over A Soft Surface And With Clean Hands  
  When Tying Seed Beads Into A Circle, Loosely Tie The First Half Of The Knot Then Place A Second Needle Through The  
         First And Last Beads Strung.  Tie The Second Half Of The Square Or Surgeon's Knot; Tighten Thread and Remove  
         The Second Needle  
  Use An Empty Mint Box Or Seed Bead Tube For Broken Needles - When Full, And With Your Doctor, Dentist or Nurse's  
       Permission, Discard In A Sharps Container  
  To Help Remove A Knot In Your Threading Material, Place Two Needles In The Center Of The Knot Being Careful Not  
         To Split The Thread.  Pull The Needles Away From Each Other To Loosen.  Remove The Needles.  Keep The Thread  
         Loose To Complete The Removal Of The Knot  
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Swarovski Birthstone Color Chart

January - Garnet * February - Amethyst * March - Aquamarine * April - Crystal

May - Emerald * June - Light Amethyst * July - Ruby * August - Peridot

September - Sapphire * October - Light Rose * November - Topaz * December - Blue Zircon

"Tribute" Bracelet and Earrings

Featuring RounDuo Beads and Cup Buttons available at: 

Click On Photo Or Here For Pattern

"Serendipity" Beaded Bead

Click On Photo Or Here For Pattern

"Rosette" Bracelet

My First Class Over 10 Years Ago With a Black & White Photo, Hand

Drawn Graphics & Typed On A Typewriter - Scanned Just For You J

Click On Photo Or Here For Info & To Enlarge  - Six Pages

"3 Bead Herringbone With Picots" Bracelet

Taught Over 10 Years Ago

I Finally Learned How To Use My Computer To Write Patterns!

Click On Photo Or HERE For Free Pattern  - 3 Pages

"Embellished Right-Angle-Weave" Bracelet

Embellished With Either Czech Firepolish or Swarovski Crystals

Page 1              Page 2

"Faith Bracelet" Hemp & Bead Bracelet Pattern

I Taught This Bracelet To My  Children & Their Classmates Many Years Ago - A Fun Project For Teens And Young Children

Please Feel Free To Use This In Teaching Sunday School, Vacation Bible School And School Or Church Youth Groups!

Page 1              Page 2

Free Crystal "Chained Reflection" Earrings Pattern

Pattern Includes Instructions & Crystal Color List & Sizes For All Four Designs

Designed For and Dedicated To Family & Friends Who Have Known the Journey of Breast Cancer


Click HERE Or On Photo Above For Free Pattern


Click On Photo Or Here To Enlarge

Pattern Corrections - 11/22/10 Correction

Click On Photo Or Here For Information

Future Pattern

Click On Photo Or Here To Enlarge

Click on Individual Links Or Photos For Additional Information

Bead & Button's Beaders' Ethics

(with permission to share from Bead & Button)

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Beadwork's Article On Ethics

(with permission to share from Beadwork Magazine)

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